Studying at Limerick School of Music

Students at Limerick School of Music are offered a very clear and defined "path of progress" from the moment they first enter the school.  Using a variety of internationally recognised methods of pedagogy, syllabi and assessment, both internal and external, students are constantly evaluated and monitored to ensure that they are developing to their fullest potential.

Our one-to-one lessons ensure undivided attention tailored to suit each student's level of ability and rate of progress.  At regular intervals, students are required to undertake an exam or an assessment.  This requirement provides a focus, and motivation towards further development.  

Music Theory Classes

Theoretical instruction in the reading and writing of music runs parallel to instrumental and vocal tuition and is catered for by a graded theory class system.  In the early years this is focused mostly on reading and writing skills.  As the student's knowledge of music deepens, the theory course broadens out to a wider understanding of harmony, history and music appreciation.  This serves to enhance the student's knowledge of the music taught at their instrumental lessons.  Secondary school students are offered a comprehensive course of study in Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate music.

Concerts and festivals

Our concerts and festivals provide unrivalled opportunities to develop public performance ability and stagecraft.  To further encourage the aspiring musician, a number of school awards are competed for at key stages of development.

Group Activities

Students are encouraged to engage in group activities, numerous ensembles ranging from duets, acting classes, choirs, ensembles, big band and orchestras are available to choose from. Our ensembles provide invaluable experience in team-work (an essential skill for all performers), and also enable students from the different disciplines to interact and have fun through performance.

Limerick School of Music provides a firm grounding in all of the skills necessary to become a fully competent performer. Should students wish to formalise their skills, an array of diplomas from external colleges, in teaching and performing, are available at Diploma, Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship level.