Appropriate Use of Video Footage Policy  

Policy Owner

The designated Assistant Principal in Limerick School of Music is responsible for ensuring the acceptable and safe use and storage of all camera technology and images within the Limerick School of Music. This includes the management, implementation, monitoring and review of the Limerick School of Music Image Use Policy.



At Limerick School of Music videos of musical performances are used as a way of celebrating achievement, or seeking publicity for fundraising and for marketing purposes, be they in print or on the school website  or school social media.
We want to ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy the benefits of these activities safely.

Website /Social Media/School Publications:  Use of Video

Limerick School of Music operates the following policy on its website, social media and all school publications regarding the use of video footage, to ensure the safety of pupils at the school.

  • • When choosing video footage for the website, the school is mindful of the way pupils may appear in them, and will not include video footage which are is in any way inappropriate.
  • • The school follows a policy of seeking parents' permission before using video footage which show pupils on any school media.
  • • No private information about pupils is ever published such as contact details.
  • • Once students/teachers have left Limerick School of Music video footage of them will not be used, online or otherwise, without prior permission.

Use of cameras and other video equipment

• Nobody has permission to take video footage at Limerick School of Music or at LSOM events except the school’s officially designated videographer – this includes all school concerts, formal or informal.
• LSOM will not be held responsible for the use of unauthorised video footage taken on the school premises or at school events.
• Students who are found to be taking video footage of any LSOM personnel/property in an unauthorised manner will be subject to sanctions as decided by school management.