Learner Illness Policy

Limerick School of Music (LSOM) recognises that illness is unavoidable particularly amongst our younger learners. The school has a duty of care to all its learners, teachers and members of staff and this policy aims to set out the procedures to ensure the wellbeing of the whole school community. 


  • To protect learners and staff from preventable infection
  • To enable staff and parents to be clear about the requirements and procedures when learners are unwell
  • To deal efficiently and effectively with First Aid emergencies that may arise while learners are in our care.

Exclusion of sick children from school

  • If a learner is not well enough to attend their primary/post primary school then they are not well enough to attend their lessons at LSOM
  • If a learner has been advised by the HSE to self-isolate/restrict their movements due to Covid 19 LSOM will facilitate an online practical lesson and theory work can be accessed via Google Classroom as usual
  • If a child appears unwell the teacher may ask that the child is taken home.
  • We understand the needs of working parents and do not aim to exclude children from school unnecessarily. However the decision of the school is final when requesting the exclusion of a child for illness or infection.
  • Decisions will take into account the needs of the child and those of the school community.
  • If a member of staff suspects that a child has an infectious or contagious disease, they will request that parents consult a doctor before returning the child to school.
  • On very rare occasions if an illness or disease can put a member of staff or unborn child at risk then the Principal/ Deputy Principal will make a decision after seeking medical and HR advice.
  • We recommend that no child may attend the school while suffering from one of the communicable diseases and they should be excluded for the minimum periods recommended.

Procedures for Learners who become unwell at LSOM

There are separate procedures in place for a teacher/learner who may presented with suspected symptom of Covid-19. See appendix 1.

  • Teacher will decide if a call home is required
  • Learner will wait with the teacher for the duration of their lesson and a member of management will be informed.
  • The office will be asked to call home and advise of the illness
  • If an ambulance is required, a staff member will accompany the learner until a parent/guardian arrives.
  • At all times a member of management will be informed.

First Aid

  • LSOM has designated members of staff responsible for First Aid. 
  • There are well stocked First Aid supplies available in locations within the school
  • A defibrillator is in place in the Staffroom
  • First Aid Risk Assessments are carried out for all external performances, tours etc.

In the event of a Suspected Major Accident, Incident, Illness.

  • The First Aider will assess the situation and other that normal slips, trips, minor cuts and abrasions and ambulance will be called.
  • Parents/Guardians will immediately be advised
  • Learner will be accompanied in the ambulance by a member of staff
  • Records will be kept and all relevant authorities will be advised as necessary

Appendix 1

  • In the event that a student displays Covid-19 symptoms in your presence You should;
  • Immediately don PPE including gloves and a face mask if not already wearing one.
  • Ask the student to put on a facemask if they are not already wearing one.
  • Open the windows in the room, if they are not already open.
  • There is an infrared thermometer available to you for your use in such a case.
  • Bring the student to the isolation room, located opposite the back of the school hall.
  • Contact a member of the management team and together it will be arranged to contact the parent of the student for collection.
  • Wait outside the isolation room until you are relieved by a member of the management team.
  • Dispose carefully of the PPE equipment in the appropriate bin provided.