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Theory of Music

Theory of Music

Theory of Music

The Theory Department provides a structured approach to music literacy thus enabling us to teach our students how music works, by exploring the language and notation of music with regard to melodic and rhythmic notation, melody,  harmony, form, texture, structure and Music History and analysis.

Music Theory classes are an integral part of music education and all music students are obliged to attend a theory class. 

Our theory courses commence with our youngest students who attend the "Introduction to Music "course.  Students from 8 years of age then progress to theory classes beginning with Preliminary theory and continuing through the grades finishing with grade VIII.  At this stage, students may opt to continue with further studies leading to a Teaching/Performance Diploma. 

Our adult and "late starters" have the option of attending a tailored Adult Theory or Teenage Theory class which will enable them to study theory in a class with their peers (these classes takes place on Tuesday evenings).

Theory classes from beginner to grade III are 30 minutes. Theory classes grades IV & V are 60 minutes. Theory classes grades VI-VIII are 90 minutes.

A composition-focused class is available when there is sufficient demand.

All theory classes are group classes and are free of charge to students who are studying an instrument at the school.